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The LukkaTax Experience...


Easily onboard your professionals and enable them to efficiently manage their clients.


Guided transaction data collection experience, via native exchange files and manual entry.


Standardize and normalize data formats, fields, and tickers for easy cost basis assignment.

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Grow Your Practice

Rapid On-Boarding

  • Easy configuration for multiple users and their clients. 
  • Intuitive interface and multiple accounting methods.

Serve Current Clients

  • Support your crypto-invested clients with confidence.
  • Help clients who received IRS virtual currency letters.

Scale Efficiently

  • Manage your clients using a single login and centralized dashboard.
  • Scales to support high volumes of clients and transactions.

Grow Your Client Base

  • Leverage & Lukka joint webinars and FAQs to support your crypto asset client base expansion.

What is LukkaTax for Professionals?

LukkaTax for Professionals is a crypto asset (a.k.a ‘virtual currency’, 'digital asset', or 'cryptocurrency') tax preparation solution, built-in partnership with and brought to you by Lukka, an AICPA SOC company.

LukkaTax for Professionals is not designed to replace your existing tax preparation software, but rather compliment it by simplifying the extremely complex process of collecting, standardizing, and correcting taxable events based off of crypto transaction data. LukkaTax for Professionals will create downloadable capital gains, ordinary income, and an unrealized holdings reports (with detailed tax lot IDs for each asset) for you to use when preparing 1040 Schedule 1, and 8949 tax return forms in the software that you are used to and familiar with.

How much does LukkaTax for Professionals cost?

LukkaTax for Professionals costs $39.95 per tax return; pricing is not impacted by the number of respective client transactions. Volume discounts will be available for firms with large volumes, please contact Lukka using our webform.

Note: LukkaTax for Professionals is different than LukkaTax - the DIY solution built for consumers who prepare their own tax returns. LukkaTax for professionals has additional functionality that is specifically designed to support Tax Professionals that have multiple clients.

Can I use LukkaTax for Professionals for multiple clients?

Yes, LukkaTax for Professionals has a client management dashboard to manage all your clients through your single user name and password. You can always add additional clients for the same subscription cost.

Can I export the final reports from LukkaTax into the traditional software that I use to prepare the rest of my clients’ tax forms?

Yes, if applicable for your client, LukkaTax provides a detailed reports (with specific and discrete tax IDs, ordinary income reports, and an unrealized holdings reports in CSV format) for you to download and then use when preparing the rest of your clients' returns.

If needed in the future, you can always access these reports from the site using your login credentials. Have a specific format that your firm requires? We can create custom formatted reports for you. Please reach out to us here.

Does LukkaTax support mining income, airdrops, and forks?

Yes, LukkaTax for Professionals supports all of these types of situations.

LukkaTax for Professionals allows you to categorize any transfer as income (based on FMV at that date/time) if applicable and then provides a detailed income report for you to download. Additionally, acquisitions will be created for all capital assets and cost basis will be recorded at FMV.

LukkaTax will also allow you to add notes, delete transactions, and compare gain/loss results based on various accounting methods (FIFO, LIFO, and Optimized).


Grow Your Practice

The Preferred Solution of...

Trusted by Institutions. Now for Tax Professionals.

The ONLY AICPA SOC 1 Type 2 & SOC 2 Type 2 Crypto Company

Support Your Clients NOW

The preferred partner solution of

An AICPA SOC Company


One view to review transactions, remove duplicates, adjust taxable events, and add cost basis.


Generate and download detailed tax lot and roll-forward reports by asset class in FIFO, LIFO, or Optimized.

Attend our Upcoming Webinar for Tax Professionals, hosted by

Supporting Clients with Taxable Crypto Transactions
April 8, 2020 - 12:00 PM Eastern

Don’t miss this opportunity to join and the newest preferred partner solution provider, Lukka, in a webinar and demonstration of the industry's most accurate crypto tax calculator - LukkaTax for Professionals.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Gain insight into the business processes required to calculate crypto tax
  • Learn how LukkaTax for Professionals uniquely support CPA Firms and their clients
  • Watch a demonstration of the LukkaTax for Professionals crypto tax calculator

    Note: This webinar is not for CPE credit
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ONLY $39.95 to signup & see summary results for all of your clients.

Generate detailed tax reports for your clients for $39.95/each.

The Preferred Solution of...

Not all crypto tax software is created equally.